What’s in a name?

It can be challenging to choose the right names for characters in a book. And it can’t be just any old Tom, Dick or Harry … but then we all know Harry Potter, Dick Tracy, Tom & Jerry?
As a parent, we are responsible for naming our children. These names usually come from the heart and we try to imagine what our babies will look like while growing up and if the name we have chosen will suit them.
The same applies when creating a story. I have images in my mind as to what my character should look like, and it’s great when I can identify them with a known actor or actress. It makes it easier to picture their mannerisms, their build, if they’re suitable for action scenes and anything else I might require them to do. They are my ‘babies’ and I have to nurture them to the end of any story and possibly future sequels.
I go through baby books or lists on the internet until something jumps out at me and then proceed to bring him or her to life to the best of my ability.
Could you imagine if John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) was called Bill Prescott? Prescott 1, 2, or 3 just wouldn’t have the right ring to it as Rambo 1, 2, 3. (And no offence to anyone called Bill Prescott.) And with Sly playing the part, he looks like a ‘Rambo’.
The name Jason Bourne doesn’t sound very tough, but as a former CIA trained assassin … he is. You don’t mess with Bourne, and it is easy to envisage his character.
But it’s not only people who need to be well-named. Everyone would remember Wilson, the volleyball in ‘Castaway’. What if it was called a different brand of basketball like Molten, or Spalding? Wilson was the best choice.
Cassie Hart, from ‘Clouds of Grey’, will be reprising her role in the near future, and for those who have read this first action/suspense novel, you know her to be a quiet achiever and one who can think in the most challenging times. You just never know what she might turn her hand to next.
We come to expect a great deal from the characters portrayed in novels, and on screen, and we all hope their creators do them justice when summoning them for another role. I aim to keep the action flowing and you coming back for more.
Names are special and have a lot to answer for as to do titles of books … but I will leave it at that for now. Maybe I will talk about titles in my next blog.
Catch you all later … make every day count towards something special.


Writer of crime/adventure fiction novels, combining strong female leads, martial arts, tongue-in-cheek humour with a hint of romance.

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