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Hello everyone, hope you have all had an enjoyable summer or winter, wherever you are in the world. I don’t know about you, but I want to 2016 to be a year of learning new things and one of those things will be blogging.

I just thought I would give you a preview into an author’s mind, plus a little background behind the setting of my first novel, Clouds of Grey.

Finch Hatton Gorge and Eungella Rainforest are two of the Mackay region’s most visited tourist attractions and they provided the perfect settings for ‘Clouds of Grey’. I was able to mentally lose myself in my surroundings and come up with an action-packed story, which has been well received by my readers. I enjoyed putting myself in Cassie Hart’s shoes and hiding in the huge buttresses at the base of the trees and wandering along the walking tracks. Boulders, huge and small, littered the hillsides amongst varying vegetation and no rainforest would be complete without the smell of decaying mulch. There are layers and layers of fallen leaves over the forest floor and no-one knows what’s hiding beneath them. Rainforests are such a quiet environment and at times the only thing you can hear is the high-pitched chatter of insects and bird calls, but of course, the moment you hear the rustling of leaves, you’re immediately on the lookout to see what kind of animal could be heading your way. Mosquitoes are a given in the tropics and they seek me out with no remorse, and it’s worse after rain, so if you ever intend to visit a rainforest, always take the insect repellent.

In other news, I’m working on a handful of stories at the moment which are all independent of each other – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a prequel, a sequel or a series. My next book, ‘Witness Protection’, could definitely provide a few spin offs and I’m hoping to have this one published in July this year. It is based on a good cop/bad cop scenario with plenty of action and suspense – I know, what a change for me!

My days are still full of writing, and the good thing is… I never know where my thoughts will take me.

Feel free to drop me a line or ask a question. I would love to hear from you.-downloadfiles-wallpapers-1600_1200-rainforest_canopy_wallpaper_plants_nature_wallpaper_1600_1200_1126


Writer of crime/adventure fiction novels, combining strong female leads, martial arts, tongue-in-cheek humour with a hint of romance.

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