In the Dead of Night

Riveting 2nd action/crime novel launches within 6 months of debut!

Courtney Cameron comprehends two things: her husband’s death wasn’t an accident and her life depends upon locating incriminating company files.

Damian Lincoln, the skeptical father-to-be, realises the stakes are high and offers to help Courtney, but when a contract killer makes his presence known, they find themselves pitted against a professional who seems to have thought of everything.

'In the Dead of Night' author interview


Michael Cameron dies in a fiery car 'accident', and leaves behind a pregnant wife, three children, and the location to incriminating company files against his employer.

Two years later, a contract killer is given a mission ‒ find the missing files and take care of any loose ends.

Courtney Cameron wants to replace the child she lost all that time ago and seeks a donor, and not necessarily a husband. The man she chooses turns out to be Damian Lincoln, an astute businessman, and a challenging individual.

Her life is threatened, and when she realises the reason behind her husband’s death, she seeks protection from the only man she trusts ‒ the sceptical father-to-be.

Courtney’s part-time job as a locksmith often sees her helping people out of troublesome situations, but can she come to her own rescue this time when the stakes are so high?

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Sandy Paull has done it again in her second novel 'In the Dead of Night'. What starts as a shaky relationship turns into something more in this story that includes all the elements of the last, plus turns up the suspense a notch. Romance, intrigue and murder unfurl in this gripping tale that will have readers breaking into a sweat and will keep you reading until the last page.

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