Twice Dead

7th page-turning novel expands on predecessor 'In the Dead of Night' 

Six years ago, Michael Cameron & Tate Renner's girlfriend, Erica Johnson, found evidence of corruption in the company they both worked for.

They both died.

A photo Tate found amongst Erica's effects suggests she and the married man were having an affair.

In his obsessive quest for closure, Renner investigates the dead man's family and discovers more than he bargained for - dead men aren't staying dead, and Renner isn't the only one out for revenge.

Can he survive the life-threatening conspiracy he's walked into? Will the truth take even more lives?

'Twice Dead' author Interview


Courtney Cameron has settled into her marriage to Damian Lincoln. Her family’s future appears much brighter than before, but it seems the death of her first husband, Michael Cameron, hasn’t been laid to rest yet. He’s been seen walking amongst the living!

Tate Renner blames Michael Cameron for the death of his girlfriend, Erica Johnson. He hires a private investigator, Ron Sullivan, to do a little digging, and the past soon becomes an intricate web of mystery.

Is Courtney Lincoln two-timing her latest husband? Do her children know about their father’s supposed miraculous rise from the grave? Is Michael Cameron out to seek his own revenge? If so, does he have an accomplice?

It seems everyone has a secret, some more damaging than others.

But can Renner and Sullivan expose the truth before more bodies fill the morgue, hopefully not theirs?

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