Blade of Honour

4th action/suspense novel continues fast-paced style with authentic fight scenes! 

Hollie Sanders is handed a letter at her grandfather's funeral, advising her of a family secret. She is now the owner of a priceless Samurai sword. Within days, she escapes a brutal knife attack, and is scarred for life. Time passes and her life comes under threat again. It seems malevolent eyes are still on the blade.

Ownership of the heirloom means protect it, or die trying, and she won't entertain the latter! Hollie wants to live a peaceful life, but can she survive the past coming back to haunt her, and keep the sword from falling into the wrong hands?

Blade of Honour author Interview


Hollie Sanders is brutally attacked within a few weeks of finding out that she is the owner of a priceless samurai sword. Two Japanese strangers come to her rescue, and as the months pass, they assist with her recovery.

Hollie finally returns to karate training, and sets her sights on her black belt grading. Her attitude has changed during her convalescence, and she no longer allows anyone to get the better of her. She commences part-time clerical work for Harrison Devereau, a wealthy business man whose hobby happens to be collecting Japanese artifacts. When Hollie starts receiving threatening letters and phone calls, she suspects Harrison is after her sword.

All Hollie wants is a normal life, but how can that happen when she is being watched every day and night, and fearing the worst will happen to her and the ancient heirloom? Surely there is someone she can trust to help her through this.

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