Clouds of Grey

Debut fiction novel launches Dec 2014

This first novel has something in it for everyone ‒ fast-paced adventure, intrigue, a hint of romance and simmering revenge that will keep you turning the pages to reveal what happens next. Lose yourself in our heroine’s dilemma as she lives life on the edge and plunges headlong into a journey of survival and improvisation in order to stay alive.

An innocent trek through the rainforest becomes a battleground of deceit and mayhem, where one woman faces the quandary of amnesia to defy the odds and save her life and that of the man she loves.

Clouds of Grey 4CRM Radio Interview


Michael Cameron dies in a fiery car 'accident', and leaves behind a pregnant wife, three children, and the location to incriminating company files against his employer.

Two years later, a contract killer is given a mission ‒ find the missing files and take care of any loose ends.

Courtney Cameron wants to replace the child she lost all that time ago and seeks a donor, and not necessarily a husband. The man she chooses turns out to be Damian Lincoln, an astute businessman, and a challenging individual.

Her life is threatened, and when she realises the reason behind her husband’s death, she seeks protection from the only man she trusts ‒ the skeptical father-to-be.

Courtney’s part-time job as a locksmith often sees her helping people out of troublesome situations, but can she come to her own rescue this time when the stakes are so high?

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